Social(media) Awareness

Hypothetical exercise: Draw an anatomic representation of a body in your mind.

Now, take a sharpie, you can pick the color, and put an X next to the area within the body that you feel best influences or inspires your personal mantra, mission, or that governs your intuition.

Where does your X land?

No matter how many times I do this exercise, my X always lands where my heart is. An area that supplies indescribable power along with inevitable vulnerability. It’s the core, center, Anahata Chakra, green light, gooey, vainy powerhouse that inspires the mission of Mind(full) Marketing. Porous and open, this vital organ provides Mind(full) Marketing the intuition, skills and forethought to help you create authentic and meaningful communities that best represent your X.

Simply put: Our mission is our heart  

So then why does vulnerability so often translate to weakness?

This past Friday, like many others, my heart felt great loss and great pain with the passing of celebrity chef and writer, Anthony Bourdain.  As someone who loves to write and who appreciates an undiscovered hole-in-the-wall, it’s almost impossible not to find inspiration from his voice. Even as I write this, I hear him narrating these words. Last year, Bourdain visited Nashville and we happened at the same Margo Price show. My good friend bought him an obligatory “Welcome to Nashville” shot of Fireball. He gracefully declined, saying “I’m too old for that.” He smiled, we smiled, Margo was amazing, it was a great night.

As news spread across my feed yesterday, I noticed hundreds of people sharing their grief through meaningful conversation. Topics ranging from personal hardship, deceased family and friends, exchanges of thanks and love, as well as unbiased and nonjudgmental support.  I witnessed strangers taking their sharpies, and not just drawing an X on their chest, but slicing it open and letting all the bits and pieces of trauma and shit spill out on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed.   

Vulnerability did a miraculous thing this weekend, she transformed herself into healing.

This Friday wasn’t the first time social media demonstrated its influence over connecting people to social movements.  Influencersvictims, and demonstrators are more involved than ever because we are more connected than ever. Thus, proving that social media can encompass values of Mindfulness. It can keep us present while facilitating acceptance of our feelings and thoughts. It can be used in a positive light that provides a therapeutic outlet. It can be as authentic, wonderful and inspiring as we make it.

A good friend of mine once dedicated this song to his fallen brother. During these times, I'm reminded of his strength and inspired by this wisdom.

Please enjoy, it’s here if you need it.